Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wolf T-shirt Sightings : A Lesson in Eternal Vigilance

There are many things that wolves can teach us. One of those things is eternal vigilance. Failing to recognize the prey's scent. Mistiming a jump to rip out the jugular of a terrified elk. These are just several examples of little mistakes that can hurt a wolf's chance at survival. They must be eternally vigilant of their surroundings and further aware of their needs in life.

We need to do the same. That means noticing changes. 2 things on this website.
1. The Survey. My goal is to post one every week. This week is obviously 'What is your Favorite 'Three Wolf Moon' shirt? The pictures of the contestants are right below the header of the blog. Check them out and vote.
2. Wolf T-shirt Sightings. If you didn't notice this then let this be a lesson in heightening your senses. Clear that nose. Open those eyes. It's on the toolbar on the 'right'. The more important part about this is that for me to post pictures you will need to send them in. That means you can't attempt to be eternally vigilant when you are reading this blog, you have to be eternally vigilant at all times. You never know when you will see a wolf t-shirt. Keep an eye out and your hand on your camera. Take those photos and send them this way. We will also accept photos of friends and family.

To help provide a more objective way to judge submitted photos I went ahead and consulted with some Wolf T-shirt experts (myself) and came up with the following 100 point grading scale.

Wolf shirt quality: (0-10)
Originality: (0-10)
Luminosity: (0-10)
Veritas: (0-10)
Ecosystem: (0-10)
Sentience: (0-10)

How many wolf shirts?: (0-10)
Ordnance: (0-10)
Wildness: (0-10)
Lupine-like: (0-10)

To give you a better idea of how WOLVES HOWL works I'll give you a short description of each category.

Wolf shirt quality: This one is simple. How awesome is the shirt that they are wearing? Is it so terrifying that it will make small children cry? Will women be clamoring at your door when you put this thing on?

Originality: Looking at the whole photo on this one. Shirt. As well as what the people are doing in the picture. Is there a good pose? Was it clear that you had to be stealthy in taking the photo?

Luminosity: Does the photo shed light on how wolf t's affect our lives? Does it illuminate the phenomenon and why it is so vital and important to the human existence.

Veritas: How truthful are those in the photo. Is this a joke to them? Or are they serious. I don't like people who joke, and I certainly don't like when people joke about wolf t's.

Ecosystem: Where is the photo taken? Is it a bad ass environment? Are they in front of a famous building? Are they standing next to Barack Obama?

Sentience: Wolves are animals too. Does the photographer or the subject matter attempt to connect with the fact that wolves have emotions too?

How many shirts are there: Not hard. The more shirts. The more points.

Ordnance: Yes. Like ammunition. Can the photo be used to further the cause? Will it help promote wolf t-shirts and put more shirts out in the market.

Wildness: What are they doing in the picture? Are they being serious? Are they showing us other accessories and attributes that makes us realize that they are awesome?

Lupine-like: How close do they resemble or try to resembles wolves?

Stay vigilant pack brothers and sisters. Oh yeah, and don't forget to send those photos to Be sure to check out the Wolf T-shirt sighting page as their is already one posted and rated.

-One Man. One Moon.

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