Friday, June 18, 2010

Business Cards

In the past couple weeks I have seen several wolf t's while out at dinner. The first sighting occurred in California Pizza Kitchen and the second in Chipotle. Both times I was unable to pull out my camera and take a picture before they disappeared. I have since decided that I need business cards so that I can stop them, take a photo and discuss on the blog. I have two choices.

Choice #1:
Choice #2:
Being that it is important to get the views of the pack I am obviously leaving this important decision up to you, the reader.

-One Man. One Moon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Before there was sunscreen...

I received the following pictures at my account:

It was entitled: 'Before Wolf Shirts' I did some research and actually discovered that this magnificent specimen not only pre-dates wolf t-shirts. More surprisingly, it pre-dates sunscreen.

Back in the days of our forefathers they didn't have this sissy crap to put on your shoulders. You had to kill a beast to cover your head and shoulders. With the onslaught of hunting laws, animal rights activists and wusses who couldn't hunt we saw the sunscreen market move in. Due to the extreme profits of the 'can you get my back' sunscreen market we have seen a drastic decrease in these sunblocking wolves.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Moon

After a hotly contested survey our respondents have answered the question of whether or not it is better to wear a wolf t-shirt with or without a moon.

90% in favor of the Moon. (9 of 10 votes)
10% in favor of the Moon-less. (1 of 10 votes)

There were actually 11 votes in this survey. 9 for Moons and 2 for Moon-less, but due to some personal feedback I changed the results.

My friend stated that because only 1 of the points was 'valid' he was voting for Moon-less shirts simply as a matter of the t-shirt discrimination. As a firm believer in free-speech and ardent supporter of informed discussion I chose to take out this biased vote. I instead offer this individual the opportunity to write a column on the merits of a moon-less wolf t-shirt.

It is one thing to disagree, but quite another to vote for something as a matter of spite. When you vote for the President of the United States of America you vote for the candidate that you believe in, not the candidate that sucks less than the others. If you don't believe in any then you abstain and tell the candidates (through your abstention) that they need to work harder to get your vote.

Wolf t-shirts are no different. If you are not convinced that Moons are better than Moon-less then post a comment, ask a question. If you are convinced that Moon-less shirts are superior than email me your guest column and it may make the cut.

Wolf t-shirts, moon or no moon, are not about spite. They are about uniting people for a common cause of awesomeness. Irregardless, the people have voted and you have said that in the matter of Moon v. Moon-less.

Moon is the clear and decisive winner. Howl on my friends. Howl on.

-One Man. One Moon.